Reasons to Install a Glass Splashback in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 12 March 2021

If you're trying to work out what kind of splashback to install in your kitchen, why not consider glass? You can discover several of its benefits below.

Brighter Kitchen

A glossy, polished glass splashback will bounce light around your kitchen, giving it a brighter ambience and a more spacious feel. If you have a small kitchen, you could back-paint the glass in pale hues like cream or beige, as lighter colours are more reflective than darker ones.  That way, you'll benefit from the reflectiveness of the shine and the pale hue.

Colour Range

Glass splashbacks can be back-painted in varying colours, which you choose from sample swatches. You'll have a vast array to select from. Similarly to wall paints, the swatches will offer shades and nuances of each colour, including cool and warm variations. This will allow you to install the perfect specific version of beige or white to complement the rest of your kitchen, for example. Not many other materials offer so much diversity. For instance, while ceramic tiles offer a wide choice, you'll probably not have so many shades of each colour on offer.

Seamless Look

A glass splashback gives your walls a seamless look — it's not covered with numerous joins and grout lines. The panels connect seamlessly with transparent silicone or other bonding agents to form one continuous and clear area. This expanse helps to highlight any beautiful colours you've chosen. If the panels are back painted in a lovely mint colour, you'll be able to appreciate the hue in all its glory. Patterns and lines won't hide it.

Suits Different Decors

You may consider glass splashbacks to be a modern option. While these splashbacks do harmonise with contemporary kitchens, you can also stylise them to suit diverse spaces. For example, you could print a brickwork photo on the back of the glass panels instead of a uniform colour to blend it into an industrial kitchen. Alternatively, print a marble image on the back to flatter a traditionally styled room. You can easily alter the look of a glass splashback to suit any space, as you can cover the back in uniform colours and any quality digital image you can find.

Thus, several benefits come from a glass splashback installation. Your kitchen will be brighter because of the reflective glossy surface. Plus, you can customise glass in countless ways with different colours and prints. Because the large panels connect seamlessly, your splashback will be smooth and free of visual clutter.