Glass Shower Door Issues That You Can Easily Repair

Posted on: 15 October 2021

Glass shower doors are designed to last a long time with proper care and maintenance. However, glass shower doors still experience gradual wear and tear with regular use, and you can do little to prevent it from happening. Notably, some damage and wear can make it difficult to enjoy your time in the shower, while other issues expose your family to hazards. Therefore, knowing how to repair glass shower doors saves you time and money and protects your family members from accidents. This article highlights some of the most common glass shower door issues that you can easily repair.

Sticky Glass Shower Door -- A sticky glass shower door can be frustrating since you must use force to open or close it. It is worse if you are unaware of the issue since you can run into a glass door before it fully opens. In most cases, a sticky glass shower door is caused by a loose screw on the hinges. For instance, if you do not tighten the screws, the hinges come off, and the glass door pops out. Therefore, inspect the hinges and tighten any loose screws you see. Another culprit for sticky glass shower doors is soap scum buildup. In this case, deep cleaning, rather than repairs, is enough to get the door functioning correctly. You can use a solution of lemon, vinegar, and detergent to eliminate soap scum from a glass shower door.

Glass Shower Door Leaks -- A properly functioning glass shower door should not allow water to leak outside the bath area. The seals around a glass door should be in excellent condition. That said, the seals around the edges can get loose or break, allowing water to flow outside the bath area. While repairing the seal around a glass shower door is not difficult or expensive, you should be careful to avoid damaging the entire seal. All you have to do is identify the leaking spot and apply a water-resistant adhesive between the seal and glass edge. Hold the seal in place for a few minutes to ensure a tight bond. Next, use a damp cloth to remove the excess adhesive so that the door can close properly.

Chipped Glass Edges -- Although the chipped edge of a glass shower door might seem innocuous, it is dangerous if you are unaware of the chipped section. While you can easily repair minor chips, larger ones need the services of a glass repair professional. Large chips weaken the glass, increasing the risk of it shattering. First, clean and dry the glass shower door and then fill the affected part with a commercial windscreen repair kit for minor chips. However, allow the adhesive sufficient time to dry before you start using the bathroom.