Two tips to follow if you need to keep your office premises open whilst having a windowpane replaced

Posted on: 5 December 2022

Here are two tips to follow if a window pane in your office has broken and you need to keep your office premises open whilst you have the glass pane replaced.

Put up signs around the window area

It's important to put some signage around the window area (both near the inside and the outside of the window) that cautions those on the premises not to get too close to the broken window whilst its pane is being replaced. You may need to type up and print off these signs if you don't have warning signs on hand.

The reason for this is that even if the windowpane is cracked but has not broken into pieces, the professionals who do the glass replacement may need to use tools to crack the old window and break it into pieces they can remove. If the window is already broken into pieces, these professionals may need to break off the small shards around the edges of the broken pane that are still attached to the frame. In either situation, there might be sharp pieces of glass, both large and small, on the floor inside the premises near this window and on the ground outside it.

If there is no sign cautioning employees to avoid this area, they might, for example, get bits of glass stuck in the soles of their shoes (which, if they're wearing thin-soled footwear, could then pierce their feet) or might try to place their work laptops on a nearby surface that has tiny shards on it, which could damage their gadgets. As such, it's essential to put up a few signs to deter people from entering this area.

Take steps to regulate the indoor temperature during the glass replacement

Depending on how big the window is, it might take those doing the glass replacement an hour or two to replace it. During this time, the cold or hot air from outside will enter the building via the opening in the glass-less window. As such, if you must keep your office premises open, you'll need to regulate the indoor temperature whilst the new glass pane is being fitted.

If it's very hot or cold, you may need to increase or decrease your HVAC system's thermostat, respectively, to compensate for the hot or cold air that will come in through the broken window. Additionally, if you have portable partitions on your premises, you might want to put a few of these close to the inside of the broken window, to stop some of the hot or cold air from coming inside. If you do this, make sure you don't put the partitions too close to the window as this could leave those who are doing the glass replacement with less room for their tools.

For more information on glass replacement, contact a professional near you.