Glass Splashback | 4 Splashback Colour Ideas For Your Classic All-White Kitchen

Posted on: 13 June 2016

A classic all-white kitchen is not only classy and tasteful in appearance, but it also presents you with flexible opportunities when it comes to choosing colours for different elements within the space. If you don't want a colourless glass splashback, then follow this guide to help you with some splashback colour ideas for your all-white kitchen based on your personal taste and preference.

Shades Of Red Inspire Sizzling Style

Red is a stunning and bright colour when offset against any white décor, creating visual contrast and sizzling style in your cooking space. The best part of choosing a red kitchen splashback is the sheer number of shade choices you have when it comes to making a decision. You can choose between shades like blood red, cherry red, garnet red, scarlet red and currant red based on your desires. These red shades will uplift the look of your kitchen by making a bold statement.

Shades Of Yellow Conjure Perky Optimism

Yellow is perhaps one of the brightest colours available to you and its sunny disposition infuses a sense of cheerfulness and perky optimism in your cooking space. A yellow glass splashback enlivens an all-white kitchen almost instantly by swathing the room with a sense of exuberance. You can choose from shades like gold yellow, buttery yellow, lemon yellow, butterscotch yellow, pineapple yellow and much more to resonate with your personal taste.

Shades Of Green To Bring Nature Indoors

Green brings a sense of soothing tranquility thanks to its resemblance to nature's verdant foliage. You can finalise your green glass splashback in a variety of colours and hues, depending on your desired level of brightness or subtleness against your all-white kitchen. For instance, some homeowners may want to invoke the feeling of nature by introducing leaf green splashbacks to their kitchen, while others want a slightly more neutral tone with olive green. You can choose from shades like olive green, bottle green, leaf green, lime green, basil green and emerald green.

Shades Of Orange To Create Flaming Inspiration

Orange is a bright and cheerful colour, which goes well with most decorative themes, but it looks especially desirable when offset against an all-white kitchen. With orange, you can arouse a sense of vividness and vibrant appeal, especially if you're creating a modern space with minimalistic fixtures. You can choose from shades like burnt orange, ginger orange, apricot orange and carrot orange.

The best part of an all-white kitchen is your ability to choose different colours when it comes to a glass splashback. Use these ideas to inspire your own creativity when it comes to choosing a splashback colour for your kitchen.