The Multiple Benefits That Stained Glass Windows Will Offer Your Home

Posted on: 15 December 2020

A majority of people associate stained glass windows with places of worship and this can be attributed to the majestic cathedrals that display them, from centuries past to present times. Nonetheless, over the past decades, this type of glass has surprisingly made its way into residential and commercial spaces too.

Technological advancements in stained glass manufacture have made these windows within fiscal reach to the average homeowner, which has led to people releasing that these windows make stunning statement pieces for their residences. But simply because stained glass is striking does not automatically mean that this is the only selling point for these windows.

If you have been looking update the appearance of the exterior and interior of your property, consider the following benefits that stained glass windows will offer your home.

1. They add a unique ambience to each room

One unique advantage that stained glass windows offer over other cosmetic changes that you can make to your property, for example painting your house, is the effortless way that they add ambience to any room that they are installed in. For starters, the coloured glass will change the hue of the light filtering into the room so you get to evoke a specific mood for that space.

For instance, blue stained glass will have a calming effect in a bedroom whereas yellow stained glass can add brightness to a home office, making it easier for you to concentrate while working. Additionally, as the sun moves across the sky, the ornate patterns on the glass will cast playful shadows on the walls, ensuring that there is always something visually interesting on the walls to make any room feel lively.

2. They can increase the privacy of your home

The second benefit is the enhanced privacy that you get to enjoy. Unlike some other forms of tinted glass, stained glass is not merely coloured. The surface can also be textured, bevelled or feature intricate, decorative motifs. All these elements work to obscure the view of prying eyes into your home. 

The great thing about this characteristic of stained glass windows is that you can choose to forgo curtains or other window furnishings altogether so that you can make the most of the sunlight streaming into the house. It is also worth noting that you are not limited to clear, stained glass. For an added layer of privacy, you can choose to install frosted stained glass that will conceal the interiors of your home even further.