Kitchen Improvement: Selecting the Perfect Glass Splashback

Posted on: 25 May 2016

The splashback is a valuable feature in the kitchen, so you should consider replacing your worn one or installing one in your bare kitchen. This element will protect your walls from splashes of oil, water and general spotting. Moreover, it will improve the visual appeal of your kitchen. There are different materials that are suited for splashback fabrication. However, you will get the most benefits by purchasing and using a glass splashback. The material is completely non-porous, so it is hygienic and easy to clean. The feature will also give an illusion of increased space in your kitchen due to reflectivity. Here are simple aspects to help you select the perfect glass splashback.

Material Quality

There are different glass materials in the market that are useful in manufacturing good splashbacks. Therefore, you must assess and compare the quality of accessible products to ensure that the best one for your usage is identified. You should consider aspects such as strength, heat and chemical resistance and even glass clarity before purchase. One of the best choices to consider is standard tempered glass. This material is similar to the security glass used in windows and doors.

In simple terms, the tempered splashback is normal glass that has been treated using special heating processes to improve resilience and durability. This glass will resist breakage and heat damage after installation. Unfortunately, this material can have a green tinge due to some iron content obtained during the tempering procedures. If this lack of purity is a concern, request for the more expensive low-iron toughened glass from your supplier.

Visual Appearance

The appearance of the splashback will affect the entire kitchen because the feature is prominent. Therefore, you should explore different design options to match your home décor and personal tastes. A clear splashback is an ideal choice if there is no wall behind it. The splashback can double as a window for natural light flow. A mirrored splashback is suitable for small kitchens. The high reflectivity will create an appearance of extended space. There are also coloured glass splashbacks to consider if you find mirrored splashbacks overwhelming. These are more subdued in reflectivity and can have unique textures and patterns incorporated.

Splashback Size

You should perform extensive measurement of your walls before purchasing the glass splashback. This will ensure that the glass material covers the pertinent surfaces which are at risk sufficiently. The splash zones like sinks, countertops and the cooking area should have splashbacks of a minimum height of about 450mm as recommended in local standards for better coverage.