When It's Time to Get New Windows for Your Home

Posted on: 31 May 2016

When a window is broken then of course it's time to get it replaced, but it can be a mistake for homeowners to think that a broken pane is the only reason to call a glazier or glass specialist. There are times when the windows of your home need replacing, even though the window panes may be in one piece. Note that a glazier often does more than just replace glass panes but will usually install completely new windows altogether, so consider when it's time to give them a call.

1. Your windows pose a safety hazard

If your windows are hard to open, how will someone escape from the home during a fire, break-in, and the like? Keep in mind that a person can be panicked when a fire has broken out or during any other emergency, so if you struggle to open the windows on a normal day, you or someone in your family may be trapped when they're rushed and not thinking clearly because of such an emergency. Even if your windows only open partially, you want to think about replacing them when they get stuck halfway or otherwise might keep someone from actually escaping when needed.

2. The windows are rotted

If windowsills, frames, sashes, and other parts are rotted, this can mean allowing mold and mildew to build up on the materials around the windows and allowing for termites and other pests to burrow inside and make a home. In turn, your home might suffer damage that is very expensive to repair, and this rotting can usually just get worse over time. Rather than risk this, it's good to have new windows with new frames and other parts installed as needed.

3. You're losing energy

If you can feel a draft coming in through ill-fitting window frames or the sash, this means you're running your heat more often to keep your home comfortable in wintertime. It also means that your air conditioning is escaping out those same drafty areas in summertime. If your windows just have one thin pane, you are probably also losing heat through the glass itself in wintertime. Outdated panes of glass also do nothing to deflect the sun's damaging and warm UV rays in summertime. Installing new windows can mean better insulation for your home and, in turn, lower utility bills throughout the year. You might also notice that the interior of your home is just more comfortable overall.