Glass Repairs | 4 Actions To Undertake When You Notice Small Cracks On Your Shower Glass

Posted on: 20 May 2016

While your glass shower cubicle is made from toughened glass, banging it shut too often can cause slight cracks to occur over time. These small cracks may eventually trigger major cracks if left unchecked, so glass repairs are necessary to prevent the problem from getting worse. This guide equips you with actions to undertake when your notice small cracks on your shower glass.

Get Your Glass Repair Necessities Together

For glass repairs around your shower, you will need a glass cleaner, a lint-free cloth, a vacuum and a glass-friendly epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is a type of plastic adhesive made of composite materials, which acts as a binder and hardens once dry to add a protective layer around the surface –– making it an ideal choice in your glass shower repair task. Epoxy resins and glass cleaners can easily be purchased from a home improvement store near you.

Clean Out The Crack Thoroughly

Clean out the crack as much as possible to ensure that the epoxy resin adheres properly to the glass surface. Start by using a damp lint-free cloth to remove any small glass shards that remain embedded within the crack. You can follow this up with a vacuum cleaner to suck out all glass filaments from the crack. Finish off the cleaning process with a specialised glass cleaner to remove any residual or stubborn dirt from in and around the crack.

Apply The Epoxy Resin Inside The Crack

Before working with epoxy resin, be sure to wear a pad of gloves to avoid coming into direct contact with chemical compounds. Epoxy resin is usually available in a tube, so you simply need to apply it over the crack. Use a flat stick to cover the entire cracked surface with the epoxy resin as generously as possible. This will ensure that the crack is covered completely with the epoxy resin. You can also use a small paintbrush to direct the epoxy resin into the cracked surface.

Let The Epoxy Resin Dry Before Reusing Your Shower

The epoxy resin needs a few hours to dry before you can use your shower once again. For the optimum drying process, refer to the instructions recommended by the manufacturer and make sure you follow it. To accelerate the process of drying, be sure to open up your windows for ventilating the bathroom.

Keep in mind that these steps for glass repairs are recommended only for small cracks in your shower. If your crack is too big for epoxy resin to fix it, then you may need to replace your entire glass panel to prevent it from completely shattering at some point.